Football Story 2019 – iOS & Android!

football story


New story, new graphics, new game engine and much more!

In the Penalty mode you can face players from all over the world to earn points for the ranking!

FOOTBALL STORY 2019 is the first ‘choice game’ football game in which you will be able to experience the career of a footballer in his first club. You will have the burden of choosing every action and making every decision in your career … positive or negative! Your every choice will influence and change your career .. be careful: keep an eye on the 4 main values ​​of the game provided below .. if one of them were to drop to zero your career would end. You will then have to make balanced and weighted choices. You can win trophies with the team and even personal awards!

In Football Story 2019 there is also the general online ranking where you can compare your progress with that of all other online players. Any team present in Football Stories is totally created from scratch and does not want to join or represent any really existing football team.

In Football Story 2019 compared to the old version there is also the penalty mode in which you can face opponents from around the world in a series of penalties, gaining or losing points in the standings (Also available in the Ranking section).

Career mode in Football Story 2019 is divided into chapters and seasons. To access the following seasons you will have to successfully complete the previous ones.

New seasons will be released periodically together with updates for correction and improvement.


For any kind of support feel free to contact us through the social buttons at any time. I will try to correct (if necessary) or to lend you support in the shortest possible time.

Football Story was developed by Mattia Di Chiara.

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