Do you miss the tenth player for your futsal game?

Or are you looking for a game to play in your city?

In any case, PlayUp is the one for you.

The app is very simple and quick to use. You connect via Facebook and you are immediately on board! In the Home you will be able to find events near you or events of the types of sports that you have set as favorites.

Then you will find the insertion section of the event, which is really very fast: set some features of the event, the number of players you miss and how you want to be contacted, and boom! Here we are! Don’t want to use your phone number? No problem! You can enter and be contacted on your Instagram or Facebook account!

In more you will find your page, where in addition to seeing all your past and present events you will be able to update the number of players missing in a specific event you have created, thus making it even more attractive to those looking for an event.

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